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News & Tips

  • Our old form is refusing attachment file uploads. We have implemented the new form as a fix. Training is available in the green Training Video link, we will do a virtual training today at 2:00 04/27/2023, conference link is accessible in the Training page. A link to the old form is still available but you cannot submit with attachments.

  • Take a screenshot of the top of all applications include agent, marketer, client name and phone number fields. Submit to Administrator at end of day.

  • Accurate estimates of income are critical to enrollment & to prevent IRS tax issues for the client!

  •  If sending additional documents, send to:

  • Current Client Check is working again.    Call office for login info.

  • Ask the client about and fill in all fields on the form. Incomplete forms lead to enrollment failures.

  • Remember to capture client ID

  • Remember to close out your forms and return to this home page after submitting to prevent duplicate submissions.

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